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Mk2 Ford Escort Subaru Impreza project

Can’t knock a guy for trying! We’ve seen similar done before and it creates an awesome car!

From the seller: “The story… the idea behind this build was to merge the two cars together with the looks of a Mk2 escort but running gear, power and 4 wheel drive of a Subaru. Once the body was complete I was going to buy a third car, Subaru wrx sti and use the engine and all the running gear and anything else I could use.

Upto now the car has been at a stand still for a while, due to work on my house and other projects. The reality I’m prob never going to complete this car in the current climate of electric power, it would be pointless completing it as a petrol car but it is the perfect candidate to convert into a powerful electric classic. I just don’t have the skills to do an electric conversion. Either way this is not an easy build, the front will need to be space framed, all panels to be fitted, the chassis to be connected to the top. A lot of fabrication work. I think I have all the panels for a complete shell but don’t quote me on that.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here