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GSXR 1100 Flatside-Powered RWD Rear-Engined 1982 Austin Mini For Sale!

Hold on to your hats, this could be a bit of a mad ride! This eBay spot looks like a lot of fun. If you want to put a massive grin on your face and, also, scare the living daylights out of your passengers, we’d say that this 1982 Austin Mini with a twist is worth a look!

From the seller: “It is an absolutely insane machine, that will either give you a huge adrenaline rush or leave you shell shocked for a few hours. Handling is like a go-kart, responsive and raw. The clutch takes a bit of getting used to pulling off the line like any Bike Engine Car, but changes are easy and rapid once rolling. Condition is far from perfect so will suite someone who wants a project to make their own or someone who wants something they don’t have to be so precious with. ”

For sale on eBay –> Click here