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Land Rover Defender 90 300tdi Auto on Galvanised Chassis

This Defender 90 does sound like a great Land Rover, with some user-friendly improvements and a galvanised chassis.

From the seller: “This is the sale of my 90 Defender which has been rebuilt on a Sheilder galvanised chassis, this was done prior to my purchase of the vehicle just over two years ago by Mike and Gary of Dartmoor 4×4 the Defender is also running a Discovery 300 TDi with Auto gearbox.

Originally a 200tdi manual one of the previous owners had the conversion to auto carried out, In it’s current set up top gear is not engaged until 60mph so cruising around A roads it will happily do 36-40mpg. The Landy is pretty quick off the lights too never designed for speed but with the auto box and the lightness of a 90” wheelbase in town is great.

Paintwork is fair and finished in Silkcut purple never going to win any beauty contests the interior has Exmoor Trim Modular seats in Techno and load area two Black vinyl 2 man benches.”

For sale on eBay –>