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What a car! We’ll include some of the seller’s description, but check out the listing for the full spec…

From the seller: “MGB GT RV8 Coupe – Reg 240 HPP

This 1977 MGB GT was rebuilt by Maidstone sports cars in 1995 and incorporated the RV8 conversion giving it the styling that you can see now.  Front wings were modified RV8 items whilst the rear wings were hand fabricated in steel to match the replacement lights, bumpers etc.

This is a unique car that was featured in magazines at the time which I have copies of, along with photos of the original build.

The car was fitted with a 3.9 litre injected Rover V8, mated to a LT77 5 speed Rover SDI gearbox, with a Quaiffe LSD and the rear axle is restrained with anti tramp bars. The engine was tuned to produce 240 BHP.  The exhaust is RV8 style with S/S tubular manifolds exiting through the inner wings and an Accusump is fitted to prevent any drop in oil pressure from surges.  The radiator is RV8 and never runs hot.

Subsequently the engine was refreshed in 2003, taken to 4.6 litre and reportedly built to produce 300 BHP.  This sounds a bit optimistic and there are no printouts to support this, although the power and torque are definitely sufficient.

The suspension has been modified at the front with a Moss set up with adjustable Bilstein dampers and the rear is uprated. The car is also fitted with negative camber front wishbones.

Front brakes are Wilwood 4 pot callipers and std drums at the rear.

Tyres are 225/50 R15, rears are Toyo Proxes.  A full service including new rear springs and bushes has just been completed by a local specialist.

Mechanically everything is spot on, the underside is rot free, but there are a few bubbles coming on the paint on the wings and around the screens which don’t show up on the pics etc.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here