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Modified 1951 Series 1 Land Rover 80″ – not your usual Landy!

We’ve seen a lot of modified Land Rovers over the years, but this Land Rover Series 1 is one of the most peculiar! So strange, in fact, that you hope it’s never put back to standard!

From the seller: “1951 Series 1 Landrover 80 inch

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate

On the certificate it shows:-
Date built 2 November 1951
Destination Rossleigh Limited, Aberdeen

It has a V5 with zero registered keepers as I am the first registered keeper for this vehicle.

Vehicle registration is a 1951 registration.

The vehicle carries all the exemptions from tax/mot etc and is certified a vintage vehicle.

Chassis, bulk head, rear tub, doors, bonnet, running gear are all original and in very good order.

The chassis has been modified as pictured, which could easily be put back to original if desired.

Modifications include the addition of rear coil springs replacing the original leaf springs.

The engine is centrally mounted, to provide drive to the front and rear of the vehicle. The engine I believe is a Mini engine. It runs really well and is capable of moving the vehicle around to various shows etc, all be it at very slow speeds. Certainly capable of driving onto a trailer or any off road application.

The unusual part about this vehicle is that it was modified during the 1980’s for off road use. It has front and rear air lockers which can be easily removed if desired but are fully operational.”

More info & photos on eBay –>