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Nissan Skyline R32 GTR project for sale

From the seller: “For Sale Nissan R32 GTR.

Originally imported from Japan in 1997 it was owned by the same person until it was subsequently purchased by a friend on mine in 2003. During the first ownership all the service history and receipts have been saved and laminated. Both the first owner and my friend had the work carried out by Abbey Motorsport who as you can research are very respected and well known as specialists in Nissan performance cars.

To say it has extensive service history is an understatement. My friend has spent over £30,000 through Abbey Motorsport in servicing and upgrades including a full engine rebuild. I have a folder full invoices ‘receipts which even includes all the tax disks and MOT’s since 1997. My friend used the car as a daily driver but also for track days. Of note in 2011 he had through Abbey Motorsport the engine fully rebuilt by RK Tuning which included R33 crankshaft, ARIAS Pistons, PEC H Beam Rods, ACL Race bearings, N1 Oil pump, Cosworth Head gasket, Trowel Sump Baffle, new 19 row oil cooler to the tune of £5310.

Additionally at this time Abbey Motorsport also carried out over £2000 of work. I was told the car has a controller on the dash which can vary the boost and output power normal runs at around 450hp but will happily go up to 550/600hp. They also advised that both rear quarter panels were rusting but not an MOT failure as well as the rear wheel arches. During 2012 some lady backed into the car’s front driver side in a car park causing some damage and my friend decided to take it off the road and have all the bodywork done.

It sat in his garage until i discovered it a couple of years ago when i managed to persuade him to sell it which allowed him to buy a Porsche to return to trackdays. I have a number of restoration projects underway and recently my restoration engineer has been taken poorly and is struggling to carryon. Therefore i am looking to sell some of the complete cars i have and possibly a couple of the projects.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here