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Renault 4 GTL x3 – a great French project!

If you’ve got room, time, a reasonably small amount of cash and a love for the Renault 4, snap this lot up!

From the seller: “Here is a wonderful opportunity to save a RHD Renault 4GTL, needing restoration after being garaged for many years. It comes complete with TWO other Renault 4 GTL’s which will provide either the basis for one-car-out-of-three, a mountain of parts or breaking for spares etc.

In the first (99% complete Right hand drive car) the 1108cc engine and gearbox are fine, the engine has run recently and works perfectly, as do brakes, clutch and gearchange.

There’s alot of work to do but the car requires a replacement dash panel (included) and an ignition lock, plus all relevant restoration work.

One of the other cars is a left hand drive rolling shell in a poor state at first glance, but much more sound than it looks.

The third car is a parts / donor car, body unbolted from chassis but full of spare parts and useful bits. It’s not on wheels but is on a palette so can be winched or lifted onto a trailer.”

For sale on eBay –>