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Toyota MR2 Mk1 K20 Restomod

What a fantastic car and the eBay listing itself is the perfect example of how to pitch your car. With its borrowed engine from a Honda Civic Type-R, this MR2 sounds great. You can hear it in the video below…

From the seller: “This isn’t a finished project car, this is the ‘start’ of a modified car journey. All the hard engineering is done, and the performance modifications can really start from here, you don’t need to worry about legalities, getting an MOT, or welding up rust. Just drive it, and make it yours.

It’s still got a few pieces of trim missing, and it’s got a sub optimal paint job, but it still starts every morning, drives me to work with a massive smile, turns heads, overtakes everything, and pulls stronger than you can imagine.

There is scope here to make a perfect show car, or strip back all the niceties and make a track weapon. You may be asking “why aren’t you doing that then?” simple: I’ve done what I wanted to do with this car. I restored it. That’s what I like doing, and now it’s done, I want to move onto the next one.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here