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Unique 2003 Ford Focus RS MK1 for sale

From the seller: “Car History

Here we go… A lot of people are aware of the brilliant story of this car from when Geoff at Chorley Street Garage built in in 2009. The car was purchased because of its spotless body but unfortunately the previous owner has over tuned the engine and cooked it. Geoff purchased the car at the back end of 2008 with a broken engine with 28,000 miles on the clocks (have sale receipt).

Upon inspection there was major engine damage so Geoff decided to try and find a new engine.

Wasting no time Geoff sourced a low mileage replacement engine along with its running gear and clocks and fitted these to the car (hence the mileage difference and the slight drop in miles when it was finally put in for its MOT once the project was finished)

The replacement clocks which came with the engine had 21,682 miles which replace the clocks for the blown engine which showed 28,000 miles. So even though current the mileage on the car is 37,500 if you want to be super picky there is 6,300 miles difference which is why I have listed the car at 43,000 miles. None of this had ever been hidden and is clear to see on the MOT history of the car online.

The car was stripped, primes and any part of the car you can see including the engine bay was repainted Telemagenta. Inside the car behind panels, boot floor, behind wheel arch lines etc remain blue but obviously are hidden from view. The paint work on this car is still stunning and you would never think it was painted so long ago which shows how well looked after this car had been.

The interior of the car was professionally retrimmed at Auto Trim Denton where all blue panels were replaced with pink leather including the double stitch across the bottom to stop sagging (common problem). I still have all the original blue leather panels safely stored. The dials of the car are pink overlay stickers with the original blue hiding underneath.

Under the bonnet the replacement engine was fitted along with black alloy tanks, pink Samco hoses, de-cat pipe, custom exhaust with rolled tip along with a DreamScience Flash. The car is estimated to be running around 280bhp. The timing belt was changed in 2019.

GAZ front coil overs are fitted to the front with GAZ springs and standard shocked on the back with standard shock absorbers. 18 Inch Compomotive TH’s are fitted to the vehicle.

All this work was carried out over a 3 month period with the vehicle passing its MOT on 02/03/2009 and never failing an MOT since.

Over the years the car has had a few different subtle changes with different wheels, smoked lights then amber lights and then how you see the car today.

The car has spent most of its year stored away hidden under a cover 😊”

For sale on eBay –> Click here