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Unmolested Land Rover 90 – A Rare Find!

If you like your Land Rover 90’s original, this project may well be worth a look. As the seller points out, it’s rare to find an 1980’s Land Rover that hasn’t been modified!

From the seller: “Here we have probably one of the most complete unmolested examples of a very early 90 left in the UK that hasn’t been either restored or turned into some horrible “off roader”

Everything is still there as standard just like the day it left the factory. Its the 2.5 normally aspirated diesel which although slow always gets the job done. Don’t forget the British army continued to specify this engine long after the TDI was invented.

Its done 91000 miles since new.

Now I am an independent Land Rover specialist and I have looked after this car for nearly 20 years. I bought it off the family after the owner passed away. I always promised myself I would give it the restoration it deserved but after looking at it it for a couple of years and with the workload I currently have this is increasingly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

So its up for grabs… and probably rather unusually only for sale to you if I think you are going to do the right thing with it.

Needs money spending. Chassis is on its last legs but still original if it was going for export.”

For sale on eBay –>