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Yes it’s the season to be jolly – but for those of us that compete in Motorsport we must also prepare ourselves for the 2018 season.

All of our safety equipment needs to be inspected regularly, but specifically Harnesses, Seats and Fire Extinguishers need to have their dates checked to ensure they will last you the season. There is nothing worse than turning up at the first event to have the Scrutineer stop you from racing because your gear is not up to standard.

As a general rule, all fire extinguishers need to be serviced every two years for competition use and seats and harnesses will carry expiry dates indicating when the item will no longer be “in date”.

And it is not just about the date – condition is also important. Scrutineers will look for damage, frayed edges and wear and tear on suits, helmets, gloves, boots and underwear. Your safety is their priority and should also be yours – no doubt we have all witnessed an on-track incident (and some have experienced it first hand) – there can be nothing worse than sustaining an unnecessary injury simply because an item of safety equipment failed.

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