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Have A Laugh

Not everybody takes life too seriously. Some of us like to have a laugh and, when it comes to our cars, even more so! These ‘Ride With Me’ car stickers are the perfect example of that.

Designed to stick on your rear door windows, these give the impression that you have a rather special passenger, such as Her Majesty The Queen, The Pope, Donald Trump….or even a sloth!

We’ve spotted similar stickers in cheap High Street shops, so you may see them on your travels into town. However, if you wish to order one online, eBay is as good a place as any and you can take a look at what’s on offer by CLICKING HERE.

We’ve selected a few images of what’s on offer at the time of writing this, but take a look to see what other ones are on the market.

A great novelty gift, or simply an item to bring a smile to other road users. Enjoy life!