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Toylander Land Rover Series 1 Police Car

Built for display purposes, but screaming out to be used!

From the seller: “This is a genuine Toylander built from the newer plans and contains all genuine Toylander parts. (Pivoting front axle) all the correct water resistant mdf had been used along with the original Toylander building techniques.

This junior, police vehicle was built by engineering students and it’s original purpose was to be a display model car so it’s never been used or had electrics fitted . It’s only ever been stored in a garage and now It is currently sitting pretty in our hallway.

The car sets itself apart from most other Toylanders with its police themed paint job and custom metropolitan stickers. The standard screws have been upgraded to galvanised flatheads and the nuts&bolts have cappings on them. 

The detail items that are normally stickers include: badges , number plates and speed gauges. These have all been made on a CNC machine.

The finer details go along way and we haven’t stopped there , it has a tow rope at the front , a tow bar at the rear , front mount spare wheel and even a small metal, usable Jerry can.

The front bonnet opens and closes and the rear tailgate drops down.

As this is a child’s toy, it would be shame for it not to be used as one. Included in the sale are some of the parts required to finish it  (all brand new) 12v EMD motor ,gel battery , rear wheel with drive cog already welded on , headlights with wiring , switches and buttons , rolls or wire , isolator switch etc etc 

It will also come with toylander plans for the series 1 car, meaning all you would have todo is wire it up correctly and have one of the best Toylanders around , this way you would have a custom car and save ££££ from the new price Toylander sell them for. Personally I don’t think you will find a better example for sale unless you spend nearly £5000 new.

For sale on eBay –> Click here