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The H.R. Owen Ferrari Service Centre in London is celebrating being officially recognised by the Italian brand as one of only nine authorised Classiche workshops in the UK.

The Service Centre was recently granted the accreditation by Ferrari, allowing it to implement the Classiche certification process to ensure the correct maintenance and repair of Ferraris over 20 years old.

A Ferrari Classiche workshop offers a highly qualified service, ensuring the maintenance of the vehicle’s value through the start of the Ferrari Classiche Certification process, safeguarding furthermore the technical heritage of the Ferrari brand and, therefore, the client’s Ferrari Classiche car and certification.

Although H.R. Owen is regarded as the UK’s leading luxury dealer group for more modern cars, this latest honour further demonstrates that it’s also a major player in the classic market.

The Service Centre’s new title of ‘Officina’ (Italian for ‘workshop’) puts it at the very heart of classic Ferrari maintenance in the UK, and it’s perfectly placed to offer the finest service around.

The site boasts a massive 25,000 square foot of dedicated Ferrari space, with 22 ramps and 15 specialist technicians. Three of said ramps are devoted purely to classic and modern classic work, along with two of the technicians.

H.R. Owen is fully prepared for every classic issue, no matter how big or small, with over £500,000 worth of Ferrari Genuine parts ready to be deployed and fitted with the Ferrari-certified attention to detail.

Owen Rothwell, H.R. Owen Ferrari Marketing Manager, said: “It gives us great pleasure to be accredited as a Classiche Officina and further enhance our already excellent reputation in the classic car world. Being able to have the direct support of the Classiche department in Maranello means that H.R. Owen can continue to offer exemplary classic Ferrari servicing with the ultimate seal of approval from Italy. We’re excited to put our new strategy into practice and continue to give our customers the level of care they expect from both H.R. Owen and Ferrari.”