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We’ve just made some exciting new additions to our Pay a DVLA fine service. We launched the service in 2016 to allow customers to pay vehicle-related fines online. Over 70% of our customers now prefer to use this online option.

Building on this success, we’ve now extended and enhanced the service, allowing customers to deal with a broader range of fines more easily and sort out their vehicle tax, all at the same time.

What’s new

We issue fines to vehicle keepers that we catch using an untaxed or uninsured vehicle on the public road. Up until recently, paying the fine was a paper process. We’re always listening to customer feedback, and many customers told us that paying a fine this way was an administrative burden; it was also increasing our paper trails too. So now these types of fine are payable online.

As well as increasing the range of fines that can be paid online, we’ve also improved how the digital service links up with other parts of GOV.UK. Up until recently, the online service for paying a fine was separated from the online service to tax your vehicle. This meant after a fine was paid, customers needed to find their vehicle registration document and head to a different service to pay their tax.

Again, you told us that this process wasn’t as smooth as it could have been. So we’ve redesigned the service with these two parts of the process linked together. Once you’ve paid the fine, the system automatically redirects you to the ‘Tax your vehicle’ service page, without the need to have your registration document to hand.

What’s next

We’re continuously improving the service by listening to what our customers are telling us. We’re already aiming to make further additions to the range of fines that can be paid online later this year. It’s all part of our aim to make our online services simpler and better for our customers.

Watch this space for further updates!

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