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1984 Opel Monza GSE for sale

One of those rare cars that has stood the test of time, this Opel Monza would be equally at home in modern traffic as it was back in the 80’s, showing up many of its rivals.

The eBay listing for this Monza is a lesson itself in how to list a car on eBay. Below is just a snippet – the full listing is long, well written and hugely detailed!

From the seller: “The Monza GS/E is well on its way to achieving true Cult car status (well deserved too with their razor styling, performance, fold-flat back seat/ tailgate practicality and exclusivity then/ rarity now – there’s only 19 autos currently UK road registered according to HowManyLeft). This is reflected in the Historics auction result last month (g00gle “Lot 256 – 1984 Opel Monza GSE” – same year/ spec 1984 B sunroof, auto box & interior trim colour, but with 85,730 miles and in a far less attractive blue achieving £25,470 including 10%+vat premium, ie c.£22,700 hammer price + fees)..”

For sale on eBay –> Click here