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1990 Ford Fiesta RS Turbo – small project

This little pocket-rocket underwent a full restoration in 2005 and has some tasteful modifications, making it a great looking and, no doubt, great driving car! The seller has detailed the mods in the eBay listing. They have also mentioned what needs doing to make this the perfect Fiesta RS Turbo.

From the seller: “There are a few little jobs to do:
The last 3 photos show some very small areas of bubbling starting to come through.
The FRST would benefit from a rolling road set up as I think it is running a little rich
The gearknob needs replacing! I was going to do the Puma/Zetec S linkage swap but haven’t got around to it.

This little rocket drives really well, pulls as it should and corners like its on rails”

For sale on eBay –> Click here