1990 Renault 5 Gt Turbo Phase 2 for sale

From the seller: “1990 –  G reg

Non sunroof model

Silver with contrasting black and red fleck interior

108,000 miles from new, say for 19 years and then I bought it and had it restored, replaced bumper support brackets x 4, both sills, screen surround.

99.9% standard and original

These cars getting harder to find in this un-modified and had a telephone receiver speaker system which I’ve binned as the telephone itself was missing.

Genuine Renault 5 GT Turbo, engine has been rebuilt new internals, gaskets high tensile head bolts, water pump,  thermostat, alternator regulator, brand new rear caliper x 2 front and rear discs and pads, new rear wheel bearings x 2, new brake and fuel pipe work, new master cylinder, new clutch release bearing just to be safe.

It’s running and cooling as it should and I’ve driven it 40 miles to make sure it was all working as it should. Cooling fan works when required, anti percolation fan works. Cooling system overhauled and fresh coolant filled not too long ago. Brand new heater matrix fitted.

New fuel relay and fuel filter, new spark plugs, ignition leads, distributor and rotor arm, carburetor overhaul. Tappets have been set after engine rebuild and again on full service. 

Has had two oil and filter changes in 6 months as I’m very fussy. Will Need a further oil and filter after a steady 3/500 miles due to the fresh engine build!.”

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