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4.8-litre Rover P6 V8 Turbo for sale

We managed to find a few videos of this modified beast on YouTube. Turn up your speakers and click play below!

From the seller: “The block 4.6 re-board with top hat liners to accommodate 5l bmw pistons and rods special ground crank ARP studs True roller cam chain and sprocket set FIA crank damper with custom billet pullys turbo cam shaft chevy lifters adjustable push rods custom baffled sump hi Flo oil pump with remote filter housing. cometic Multi layer steel head gasket set cylinder heads flowed and ported with 38cc combustion chambers valves cut and re-seated with new springs and titanium top caps

Full custom stainless steel exhaust system merging into a single T4T3 hybrid turbo Front mounted intercooler electric cutouts on the exhaust adelbrock Port matched intake manifold with Demon blow through carburettor custom boost pipes and dump valve Melroy solid distributor with halo spark plugs airequip PTFE stainless braided fuel line Holly girator fuel pump with large washable fuel filter digital MS6 ignition with manual and auto retard in car boost control dry cell racing battery
B&M ratchet shifter. Gearbox zf4 4 speed auto box from police riot van very heavy duty with lockup torque convert converter essentially giving a fifth gear at motorway speeds custom made prop shaft”

For sale on eBay –> Click here