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Ex-Carisma Max Power TVR Cerbera Show Car for sale

Are you a Max Power magazine fan? We’ve seen a few previous feature cars for sale over the years and they’re often in a poor state, but the seller of this TVR Cerbera has gone to great lengths to ensure that this car has been restored to how it was back in its glory days!

From the seller: “Here For Sale is my TVR Cerbera. This car was on the front cover of Maxpower magazine back in 2002. It was built by Carisma and is probably the most famous TVR on the road. This iconic car went round many shows in 2002 / 2003. It also featured on Fifth Gear.

I purchased this car in Jan 2020. It had pretty much been kept in a private collection for many years since the Maxpower days however I came across it and just had to buy it. It had been resprayed in an orange flip colour and had also been changed since its award winning days.

I then set about getting the car put back to how it was when Carisma built it and after 18 months it was back to how she used to look.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here