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Ford Probe 24v for sale

From the seller: “I have owned this vehicle for 8 years and have only done 5000 miles in that time. I am now using her even less so have decided to sell.

The current mileage is 70000 and MOT is due late September but if I receive the price I am after or receive a good offer i will put 12 months on her. The car has had 4 new tyres over the last 2 years ,has a stainless steel exhaust, blue flame I think. She was lowered by a previous owner and had the bodykit and different wheels fitted, the wheels alone cost over £1000 I was led to believe. Also a short shift gear modification was fitted too. I had her undersealed about 3 years ago after I had the sills welded so body wise she is in top condition.

There are a couple of small rust bubbles appearing on both front wings but apart from that she is sound. Engine wise i have had 2 distributors on her, timing belt and water pump were done about 5 years ago and auxiliary belts about 3 years ago. She tends to divide opinion due to modifications but she is unique. The insurance is £180 a year fully comp agreed value. It is hard to value these cars so i have put a value on her that i think is worthy, but I am open to sensible offers. The sunroof is the original one and only has a very small spot in one corner.

The reg no is a private plate which will come with the car M11PBE,I have used a couple of pics with old reg no to give an all round view of the car.

MOT till September 2022,no advisories”

For sale on eBay –> Click here