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Guinness World Record Fastest Lawnmower For Sale

From the seller: “Mowabusa Turbo

Engine: Generation 1 Suzuki Hayabusa engine, turbo rods, turbo pistons, 12mm stud conversion, welded clutch centre, lock up clutch with heavy duty springs, heavy duty output shaft, clutch slave support bracket. 3/4/5th gears replaced. All built by Holeshot

Turbo: Holeshot turbo system comprising.Garrett GT29-71R V band turbo charger, modified for external wastegate, bespoke exhaust manifold, intercooler, BOV, 40mm Turbosmart wastegate and controller, oil lines etc. Single sided exhaust and silencer by Holeshot. Engine done less than 100 miles since being built. Dynod at 260bhp @7psi, was run at 9psi for my record run, it has been mapped for up to 14psi, and is capable of up to 20psi (roughly 400bhp) if remapped. Runs on 50/50 mix of Shell V power and Renegade Fuels pro 120 plus.

Fuel system: 10l aluminium baffled fuel tank, AEM fuel pump and fuel regulator, SBD fuel rail with Siemans 690 injectors.

Chassis: Fabricated and ‘tacked up’ by myself loosely based upon a locost kit car. All main structural welding by Malarkey Engineering

Front suspension: Locost kit car arms, Protech shock absorbers, ford uprights with ford discs and willwood brakes, ford focus wheels with Nankang NS-2R tyres 195/55ZR15 89W.

Rear suspension: Casarva trike arms with protech shocks, BMW E39 discs, VW golf calipers, KC ZF2 semi forged wheels, Nankang NS-2R tyres235/35ZR19 91Y

Drive: Chain 14 tooth front sprocket via jackshaft to BMW E39 differential converted to chain drive, with a 43 tooth sprocket BMW E39 half shafts driving BMW E39 hubs, All the chassis/brake parts were brand new for the build and have had less than 200 miles use.

Electrics: MBE 9A4 ECU, Bespoke wiring loom by Sileck Auto Electrical, gen 2 Hayabusa trigger wheel and Stator, 3 bar map sensor, oil pressure sensor, Plex SDM300,display and VMU 900 datalogger and GPS speed sensor.

Deck and cutting: Ali deck with a 2 stroke engine and 56cm cutting blade

Safety: Bespoke roll cage, FIA approved 5point harness (Expired needs replacing) Arm restraints, emergency personal cut out, master electrical cut off and FIA approved fire extinguisher.

Steering: Ford escort quick rack, OMP steering wheel with quick release system.

I’ve moved on to another project so time for someone else to carry on the development or just use the parts for a kit car.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here