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Land Rover Lightweight Airportable -153 miles in 30yrs!

What a cool find this Land Rover Lightweight is. Having done only 153 miles in 30 years, it’s screaming out to be used now!

From the seller: “Rare opportunity to buy an original ,time warp unmolested, unrestored Ex Falklands 1985 Landrover Series 3 Lightweight Airportable 24v FFR.

Only having covered a genuine 153 miles in the last 30 years!

A brief bit of it’s history;

This Landrover went into Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands in 1986 where it served with 9 para ,and at some point after, it suffered some damage to the steering and ended up sat in a military yard there, where it lay for a while and had a few bits robbed off it.

It’s previous owner was serving there at the time, and managed to buy it in 1991 from the military and get it repatriated back to where he then lived in Cambridge, and he then sourced various new parts and subsequently repaired the damaged steering, repainted it from camouflage, and UK registered it ,including fitting a MPH Speedo to replace a KMH one.(all paperwork in and out of the military with it to back this up)

It had it’s first MOT test in 1993 showing just 7 miles

Whilst still serving he then moved up to Lincolnshire, and it had it’s second ever MOT test at a local garage at 135 miles in 1994,he drove it home a mile and put it in the garage.

Shortly after he was diagnosed with a life-changing condition, and after an operation, was unfortunately left unable to drive.

The Landrover then sat undisturbed for 29 years in a dry, well ventilated ,completely windowless dark garage until I bought it in March this year still showing 136 miles.

After a thorough check through and recommissioning, including new brake wheel cylinders etc and two brand new fuel tanks it passed only it’s third ever MOT in April at 145 miles,and after the return journey home it sits with a 153 miles on it currently.”

More info & photos on eBay –>