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Mk2 Ford Escort Estate Unfinished Project

From the seller: “Mk2 Escort Estate LHD Unfinished project.

Will only need minor welding to the rear wheel archs and lower outer corners but other than that it is very solid. The inner wings are mint, Bulkhead looks good, scuttle panel good. Roof straight. Importantly the chassis rails look sound front to back and the sills are good. The floors and load area floor seem fine which is a rarity on a Mk2 escort! Doors and tailgate are ok bonnet either needs replacing or repair to front edge. A lot of the body work has been started but there is some more dents to sort but should make a nice car when done.

Engine turns and I had it running with a battery and fuel – did drive with gearbox and clutch appearing ok but brakes will need attention and obviously tyres and mechanical check over as a minimum.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here