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Toyota Celica GT4 Carlos Sainz Edition 4wd Turbo

Youngsters out there are probably wondering how a 90’s car could be named after a modern day Formula One driver, but those of us over a certain age are more familiar with the exploits of Carlos Sainz Senior, El Matador. This iconic car bears his name and is it’s quite rare to see a genuine Toyota Celica GT4 Carlos Sainz Edition up for sale…

From the seller: “Here we have an opportunity to purchase one of the rarest WRC homologation cars of the 90’s

The Toyota Celica GT4 turbo CARLOS SAINZ edition

This model was made back in the 90’s when the rally cars had to have road going versions made in order for them to be used in the rally championship. Enter the Carlos sainz edition, with just 5000 made worldwide and just 440 UK cars produced.

It had many revisions to the standard GT4 including a different gearbox, bonnet and front bumper for better ventilation as well as a water cooled inter cooler amongst other things.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here