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The perfect protection for your precious cargo

If you are a petrol head, then there can be no better car seat for your little one than the Recaro Young Sport Hero Child Seat.

With their undeniable race pedigree, Recaro seats are the choice of the motorsport professional and have been for many years. Offering the highest levels of protection in a race car, Recaro have applied this to protecting your child with the Recaro Young Sport Hero Child Seat.

Recaro Young Sport Hero Child Seat features

  • Recaro Young Sport Hero Child SeatThe seat is a “grow along” seat, suitable for children aged 9 months to 12 years of age
  • The Recaro HERO system prevents the belts from twisting or slipping and allows for easy buckling
  • Advanced side impact protection
  • Seat angle adjustment for maximum security
  • Height adjustable headrest and body support cushion
  • Universal installation utilising your car’s three point seat belt
  • Available in a range of colours

Guaranteed quality – what about value?

There are many on-line outlets selling the Recaro Young Sport Hero Child Seats. You can shop for the best deal knowing that the Recaro brand offers the best levels of protection for your child.

Check them out on eBay –> CLICK HERE

We have complied some of the offers on eBay for you to view below: