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Testing Times

It’s usually in winter that we notice a weak car battery more. Cold temperatures affect the chemicals inside a battery, resulting in reduced performance. This can mean you’re left with a car that won’t start. If your car is struggling, or has already let you down, Yuasa car batteries may be worth a look. They are affordable, but with a solid reputation.

Motor Sport Pedigree

The name Yuasa will seem familiar to many, possibly due to the Halfords Yuasa Racing team, which competes in the British Touring Car Championship and is regularly seen on TV. With drivers such as Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden, they’re bound to be in the news more often than not!

But Yuasa car batteries don’t just feature in the BTCC. Take a look at Yuasa’s own website, by clicking here, to see what other motor sport teams they’re involved with. It’s great to see they support quite a few teams, right down to the grass roots Ministox formula, one that we’re very familiar with here at Motoring Deals UK HQ.

Yuasa Car BatteriesLittle & Large – Mechanics Trust Yuasa Car Batteries

However, if you’re like me, you’re not always swayed by big sponsorship. Personally, I like to know what the ‘man in the street’ thinks. And, if you look at the workshop two doors down from the Motoring Deals UK one, you’ll find a ‘traditional’ local garage, owned by two experienced mechanics, with a Yuasa car battery stand outside. These are guys who, when they fit any car part, need to know it works. When you serve the community, the last thing you want is a local returning with a faulty part and, even worse, telling everyone in town about it!

No. If these guys fit Yuasa, that tells me they must have confidence in them!

Home Delivery

Fitting a car battery is something many people like to do at home. In fact, if you’ve got a dead car, it may be the only option! Having a car battery delivered to your door is standard procedure these days.

Yuasa car batteries are available from many outlets and, being such a competitive market, the price is pretty reasonable. We’ve listed a couple of options below

View Yuasa car batteries on eBay, CLICK HERE

And Amazon, here –>